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Santa FE Homes is an exceptional real estate team that represents properties of distinction in many parts of the Nigeria. Santa FE has received accolades both nationally and internationally and continues to be the region’s top real estate team

Best price in the market

Over 20 experienced agents

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At Santa FE Homes, we are Architects. We love to design beautiful homes with clean, modern lines! Check out our luxury houses available for sale

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Ruth Chioma

Medical Doctor, Nigeria

The difference in finding a good realtor and a great realtor is in the details. SANTA FE HOMES and its team focus on those details.

Patrict Ogunleye

Construction Engineer, Nigeria

“They fulfilled all of our expectations. I would very highly recommend SANTA FE HOMES as a real estate agent. I'm satisfied”

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Knowledge is power and information is liberating. Find out all you need to know about the financial flexibility that SANTA FE HOMES offers, as well as developments and updates.

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